Coaching Staff Consultations

High performing teams consistently utilize strong leadership and team cohesion.  Team-building and leadership workshops are tailored to your team needs and can include the entire team, coaching staff, or only team leaders (i.e. team captains).


Effective coaching requires you to be at your best at all times.  In fact, the best coaches utilize the very skills they expect their athletes to demonstrate, such as emotional regulation, focus, and confidence during high pressure situations.  Just like athletes, coaches need their own source of support and development to manage the high demands of your profession.


Topics addressed might include, but are not limited to:

• Clarity and problem-solving

• Identify mission statement, values, goals, and expected behaviors

• Motivating your players

• Effective mental imagery

• Pre-performance and daily routines to achieve optimal energy and focus

• Emotional regulation strategies to cope with high pressure demands of coaching

• Productive self-coaching

• Integrating performance optimization skills into practice and competition

• Support for difficult situations (i.e. team dynamics, challenging parents, work/life balance)


Consultation services are available on-site or in office.  Video conference sessions available if client resides in Iowa.



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