Individual Sessions

Individual sessions allow me the opportunity to customize a mental game plan that is unique to you.  You will benefit the most by committing to 4-6 sessions during which we will develop and modify strategies as you gain greater insight into your own strengths as a performer.


Topics may include, but are not limited to:

• Energy management, performance anxiety, and appropriate intensity

• Building and sustaining confidence

• Productive self-coaching

• Effective goal-setting and performance tracking

• Transitioning to a higher competitive level

• Imagery/visualization

• Pre-performance and daily routines to optimize focus and energy

• Values and motivation

• Mindfulness

• Well-being and healthy behaviors

• Building resiliency and growth mindset

• Injury recovery


I believe all individuals perform their best in all areas of their life when they are psychologically well.  While I am a licensed psychologist and able to treat clinical disorders, the scope of my private practice is focused on performance psychology. My current job and personal responsibilities preclude me from managing a high clinical caseload in my private practice.  Thus, if I believe the nature of your concerns requires more structured clinical work, I will provide you with an appropriate referral.


My office location varies – please contact me for availability.  Video conferencing sessions are available for clients who reside in Iowa.


Consultations often benefit from direct observation of your performance.  Contracts for onsite observation or consultation are based on availability.



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