Executive Coaching

High performers are in all industries, not just sport, and benefit from utilizing the same strategies as elite athletes.  Industries that commonly use performance psychology include:


• Medical field

• High-risk occupations (i.e. police, military, fire)

• Business executives

• Performing arts


Consultations include learning your unique context and primary challenges to achieving performance excellence, discovering themes/beliefs/habits, and identifying barriers in your decision-making that simply are not helping you be where you want to be.


Topics addressed might include, but are not limited to:

• Clarity and problem-solving

• Identify mission statement, values, and expected behaviors

• Identify goals and definition of success in your unique industry

• Effective mental imagery

• Pre-performance and daily routines to achieve optimal energy and focus

• Emotional regulation strategies to cope with the inevitable demands of high pressure occupations

• Mindfulness

• Productive self-talk

• Support for difficult situations (i.e. challenging staff dynamics; healthy work/life balance)


Consultation services are available on-site or in office.  Video conference sessions available if client resides in Iowa.



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